Does the Color of Your Office Walls Promote Neurodiversity Article

The article explains that people with autism or other special needs can be stressed when in a space with a certain singular color. It relays that 1 in 8 people have atypical brain patterns that go undiagnosed. it suggests that the atmosphere plays a large role in how people work and even their moods in general. Loud colors are known to cause more stress and apprehension. Employers are asked by the article to take into account all of these newly found issues, especially if they are employing people with specific needs including ADHD or OCD. The article states that light greens and blues are some of the most welcoming colors in a working environment. they even go onto say that electric orange can make people apprehensive and hungry at the same time, something a business should not have. In all, this article explains how neurodiversity effects people's work ethic and personal needs and how a better, softer color can often improve someones mental health and working atmosphere.

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Breaking Bad

Some of the common errors I noticed in the website include, moving images, insufficient information, bad page design and unattractive visual appearance.

Ling's Cars website is a force to be reckoned with. It is unbearably hard to read with lots of things going on. There are GIF's across the entire web page and the color choices are hideous. The side columns also go down way too far making the whole web page much longer than actually needed. Many elements of the website don't actually work like the live chat or live stream. This website is extremely bad because of the layout, design choices, and information provided about the company. Nothing truly makes sense.

I would absolutely change the colors of the website. that would give the website an entirely better looking feel. I would also change the information put on the site. As of now it is unprofessional and doesn't showcase actual information about the company. It explicitly states that you should buy a car from Ling …

Coding for Aviation

I read the article Coding for Aviation. I chose this article because I have a passion for aviation. The writer explains that he uses the following languages while coding his many helpful tools for the industry of aviation:

C#JavaScriptHTMLSQL He uses these tools in the following apps, programs, or games that he created:
An iPad appA website for his friends to get their fantasy football teams analyzedX box game (although he is still working on it)Job called ProvenAir where it makes it easier for airlines to carry paperwork on newer planes He learned this all from his dad when he was the age of 9 as he was interested in coding games.

Privacy Regarding Digital Data

The role of the government regarding private digital data varies between many different cases. It is hard to put a set rule for people hacking into your privacy because it can be used for good and bad. I think that the government should not have access to peoples personal digital footprint because it is only the person's business that has the identity. I do think however if there was a situation where someone did something very bad, trusted people should get granted access to the phone and their information to be used to trace down unknowns. In all, I think that a law should be made regarding a select group of things that would give the government access to peoples personal things on their phones. Otherwise the government should have no access to peoples personal online identity.